The Team


Niall Halpin

Founding Partner

Niall is a serial entrepreneur with a positive vision of what blockchain can become, an expert in market analysis and passionate about ethical governance and compassionate leadership. He's a Linux and rabbit-hole enthusiast. He also plays Rocket League.


Chris Humphrey


Chris brings a vast wealth of Management experience with him, having built on his Executive MBA to amass over a decade of know-how managing SMEs in a variety of fields. He's also quite the Rocket League player.


David Smelt

Founding Partner

Ponder is David's brainchild. He is also the current chief investor and tech lead, focusing on back-end and blockchain programming. David got his BSc in computer science at the University of Amsterdam and he is an avid fan of experimenting with emerging computer technologies, oft accompanied by a score of experimental electronica by the likes of Skee Mask.


Mahdi Ghajary

Senior Developer

Mahdi is an avid lover of software engineering and computer science. He loves to sharpen his problem-solving skill through solving real-world problems with high-quality software. When he’s not working, he can usually be found taking leisurely walks to clear his head, enjoying a great book or going down a Wiki rabbit hole.


Please feel free to contact us for any reason.

Whether your want to invest, work with us, or just talk about our first project, or the potential of blockchain tech in general - please contact us at:

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