Work with us

We're always looking for new talent so even if you don't see the job spec you're looking for here right now, please fire us an email with your details and we'll keep you in mind.

Who We Are

decentapps is comprised of a small team from a range of backgrounds within Tech and Development. While we are technically based in the EU, we are happy to count members from around the globe in our team and all applicants with the requisite skills should feel confident in applying. While our ethos and professionalism are important to us, the general day-to-day tone is relaxed.

Our Ethos

We strive to conduct ourselves in business, as in life, with humility, compassion and logic. To be decent to each other, and to ourselves, To choose projects primarily for their ability to grow to be something valuable for people, with or without our direction and with the eventual aim of full self-governance. To release all of our software, free and open source.

The Project

Ponder is a persistent data store, a social network and a graph-visualized discovery service for podcasts, built on Arweave. We believe that podcasts, their topics, and the conversation around them are an increasingly vital component of the online world and society as a whole. Ponder provides a platform for preserving the metadata surrounding podcasts, from historical to future data, for centuries to come.


Please feel free to contact us for any reason.

Whether your want to invest, work with us, or just talk about our first project, or the potential of blockchain tech in general - please contact us at:

permamail: sVIBlYrNmBatLpYrMNqPP8ZxZcYq-DTSX14Oc1v60c0